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various venetian plaster, stucco, tadelakt and lime wash samples

There are  many recipes for lime based plasters such as the marmorino and the Venetian stucco. The one constant is lime – most of the time slaked. The additives consist usually of sand or marble powder or brick dust. It is these that contribute to give the final product its particular aesthetic qualities. There is also the number of coats applied – 2 or 3 in the case of a marmorino. In the case of a stucco – 5, 6 or more depending on the lustre and the transparency desired. And finally a completely natural product with no artificial additives such as resins or acrylics  will always be more beautiful than the less natural copies that often contain very little lime.

There are interesting alternatives to lime wall coverings that are less complicated to apply and require less experience such as using simple Pollyfilla (Spackle in the U.S.) to which pigments have been added. The final effects can be quite dramatic and is interesting if a single wall panel is to be decorated.